Under Pressure

Sustain Me was a collective formed during the spring of 2007. The objective was to cultivate a public interest in our connection to natural ecosystems. We proposed an interactive website to house short animations, images of public installations, an image library and music videos. Under Pressure is an animation visualizing the littering of our oceans. The set is an underwater scene made of recycled fabric stuffed with used plastic bags. Another animation, Breathe, expresses the diversity of underwater life by using drawings from seven different artists. In the music video, This Message is For All the People, five sets of dancing legs in pink tights combine to form a sea anemone. The lyrics to Auvoire Simone’s Hurricanes are changed to form a new message, encouraging walking as an alternative to driving. Sustain Me also created a series of campaign tote bags made of old t-shirts from a thrift store.

Video coming soon!